Introducing Our Popular Countertop Edge Profiles

If you’re like us, you’re super excited about your new countertop—but you might be overwhelmed by not knowing where to start!

You can count on us at True Blue Surfaces to help you with just about everything—from the big things, like picking out your countertop material, to the small things, like choosing between countertop edge profiles.

We offer a variety of beautiful countertop edges, and each of them offer different benefits. We want to share all that we can about countertop edges so you can feel informed enough to make a wise decision. 

There are many decisions that surround your countertop, but it’s countertop edge profiles that we’re here to talk about today. While these might seem like an inconsequential detail, they actually play a big role in how your countertop looks when it’s all done.

True Blue Surfaces offers numerous edge profiles, and we want to make sure you’re clued in on all of them.

Popular Countertop Edge Profiles

Popular Countertop Edge Profiles

Let’s dive into the countertop edges that interest a lot of our customers. Maybe these will interest you too!

Square edge

If you’re assuming that the square edge is a square, you would be correct. This countertop edge profile is exactly what it sounds like—tried, true, and simple too. It looks great with many contemporary designs.


The bullnose edge is for those who don’t love a sharp look and instead prefer something more subtle and rounded. Some prefer a full bullnose, while others lean toward the half bullnose, where the top curves down and the bottom flattens out. Either of these options work well in households with young kids. You don’t want little heads to get bumped on sharp countertop edges!


If you’ve got a traditional kitchen, an ogee edge will make it the best it can be. The top curve leads to a pedestal, and the bottom curve acts as the base. This is a popular quartz counter edge because it’s so classy.


A bevel edge is a square that’s cut at a forty-five-degree angle, almost like a slice has been taken out of the square edge. Like bullnose, this is a good way to make your edge a bit less sharp and pointy. This is one of our most popular choices, and one of the best profile edges for granite because of how sleek it is!


An eased edge is the happy medium between round and square edges, almost like a soft square. It’s nice to look at, and safe too. It won’t hurt when you bump into it.


A waterfall countertop is when the countertop extends all the way down to the floor. If you love the material you’re working with, a waterfall countertop will show it off to the utmost degree. Of course, using this amount of material will cost more, but it’s worth it for the ultra-chic look.

With a waterfall design, many people implement the mitered edge counter. It’s similar to the bevel edge, just less dramatic—it can join two pieces of stone in a seamless, flowing manner that’s really easy on the eyes.

How to Choose a Countertop Edge

The first thing to know about picking a countertop edge is that you should have your choice for countertop material nailed down—because the countertop material speaks to the countertop edge profiles you’ll be able to consider.

If you’ve chosen quartz, you’re in luck because quartz coincides with just about every type of countertop edge you’ll encounter. It has a sophisticated look, and our popular edge profiles are easy to carve into it.

When it comes to granite, you’ll find that the eased, bullnose, bevel, and ogee look the best.

The style of your kitchen makes a difference too. We find that ogee edges look especially great in traditional kitchens but can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb within a contemporary design. But if you’re leaning toward an eased edge, you’ll be glad to know it goes with pretty much everything.

What’s Your Edge?

All of the countertop edge profiles that we create at True Blue Surfaces are unique, and each one can benefit your countertop in a different way. Since all of our customers (and their kitchens) are different, we’re happy to help you figure out what unique countertop edge suits you best.

In the end, you’ll notice it’s the finer details that really matter. We want to help you make the right decision for the edges of your countertop. To get our input on our countertop edge profile, get in touch with True Blue Surfaces today.