Design Services

Create Your Dream Countertop Projects

We will work with you every step of the way to design your project, select the materials, fabricate with precision and install to your satisfaction in a convenient and fast process.
The entire process is designed to be seamless, convenient and personalized to meet your needs, budget and your schedule. Visit one of our design centers to work with a stone surfaces expert. You’ll be able to look at various installations and stone samples and slabs. You can determine corners, edges and profiles that suit your particular tastes.
Regional Design Centers

Schedule a virtual showroom consultation or book an in-person appointment to visit the design center near you.


Our Perfect Match Technology

We want your project to come out exactly the way you envision it. Our Slabsmith Perfect Match technology is a state-of-the-art program that combines your specific measurements and the stone you select from our wide range of stone surfaces. It creates a digital replica to show you exactly what your finished project will look like in your space – before it’s installed.
The technology allows us to replicate every inch of the slab into a digital model, including dimensions, edges, color and any flecks or veining exactly as they appear on the physical piece of stone. Using proprietary calibration technology, Slabsmith produces a digital slab that is accurate to a millimeter or less and whose color is accurate down to the most subtle of variations. You’ll know exactly how the project will look when it’s finished.