There are many different types including Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Quartzite and Limestone. These are natural materials, with natural characteristics and are quarried worldwide.
This material has the look and feel of natural stone but is actually more durable due to its engineered make-up. Engineered stone is typically made of 90-94% natural quartz, manufactured with resin, colorants, and other materials. The result is a material that is stain resistant, does not require sealing, and will not promote bacterial growth. This material also typically comes with a minimum ten (10) year residential warranty from the manufacturer. Other engineered materials are Porcelain, Recycled Glass, and Sintered Stone.
Any material that is fabricated typically using sophisticated machinery. Examples are: Natural Stones, Quartz, Porcelain, Sintered and Recycled materials.
For an economical option, stone already cut into blanks (26”x96”) can be fabricated to fit your required dimensions. This prefabricated material is already edged with an eased edge and this material is not guaranteed to match if using multiple blanks. Seams, which normally run back to front, will be diagonal and located in corners.


To calculate the square footage of your countertops multiply (in inches) the length times width and divide by 144. Length x Width ÷ 144 = Square footage. (Example: 155″ x 26″ ÷ 144 = 27.98 sq. ft.) See our Simple Guide to Measuring and diagram click here.
We will schedule an appointment at your home to take final measurements and make a digital template for the new countertop. If you haven’t already provided us with your new sink, cooktop or other appliances that mount to the countertop surface, you should do so at this appointment. We use the template to create your new countertop to fit your room’s exact dimensions. When the fabricated countertop is ready, you will be contacted to schedule an installation date.

All natural stones are products of nature, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Color, veining and texture differ with each piece and there may be vast differences between samples viewed and a customer’s actual material. Because this material is a natural product, consistency cannot be guaranteed, even within a single slab. However, other materials like quartz or recycled stone are manufactured, most (but not all) patterns are consistent with the sample that you viewed.

Please note that the choice to view your material is up to you. If you choose NOT to view your material prior to fabrication, your stone will be installed as ordered. ABSOLUTELY NO CLAIMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER FABRICATION FOR REASONS OF COLOR, TEXTURE, CONSISTANCY OR VEINING.

It is advisable to completely empty the sink base cabinet and remove the top set of drawers. This makes it easier for the installers to gain access to the countertop during installation. Please clear a pathway from entrance of home to location of countertop install area. Also, designate a level space in the yard for cut outs if needed and away from objects that can be damaged by dust.
Template, material, fabrication and installation (unless otherwise noted) are included.  The countertops will be secured to the cabinets, seams filled, cut outs for cooktops, apron front and drop-in sinks. Countertops will be sealed (if applicable) and clean-up.
Removal of existing countertops, leveling cabinets and floating walls, clearing out cupboards and drawers, and removing drawers. Also, our install teams will not be able to disconnect or reconnect plumbing (including gas) or electricity.  If installation team arrives and there are existing issues with cabinets or area isn’t prepped for install, your project may be delayed.
The short answer is yes. Although we carry the necessary insurance to protect your home while our employees are on the job, decisions often need to be made regarding the final installation that only you (or your representative) can make. Also, we require final payment for the countertop at the time of installation. NOTE: some of the sealants and adhesives may have noxious odors. Those who are sensitive may vacate the premises. These odors will dissipate over a few hours after install is complete.
New countertops can be installed over existing cabinetry; however, we will NOT be able to install new countertops if the cabinets are not structurally sound or are not level. If the cabinets are not level or structurally sound upon arrival of our installers, your installation will be rescheduled once these issues have been rectified. Cabinets need to be leveled within 5/8” over a 10-foot length.
The countertop material you select, the layout and accessibility of your area determines the piece size. The type of color and pattern in the surface you choose will also determine whether we can fabricate tops to fit your area without seams. In the event the layout of your area requires the countertops to be fabricated with one or more seams, we will do our best to make them inconspicuous as possible.
Again, this depends on slab size, layout and accessibility of the area. Please discuss your design, stone material choice and layout of your area with your sales reps for best options.
We will do all we can to minimize mistakes and take care any problems immediately. If you have a problem, please contact your salesperson or project manager to keep the lines of communication open while seeking a resolution to the problem.


Most countertop surfaces wipe clean with a soft cloth and a mild solution of soapy water for normal wear. Scratches and stains are more difficult to remedy and sometimes will require the services of a professional. Be sure to go over care and cleaning of the countertop with your salesperson at the time of purchase. If your countertop surface is synthetic (as opposed to natural stone), there is generally some kind of warranty provided by the manufacturer as well as care instructions.
The Natural Stone Institute recommends sealing natural stone once every 6 to 12 months. Using highly acidic/harsh chemicals or direct heat may deteriorate the original sealer, therefore requiring sealing more often. If water is no longer beading up on the top, it’s time to reseal. Over sealing can lead to a hazy look. Natural quartz, solid surface and plastic laminate do not require sealing. Many recycled materials require sealing every three to six months using a wax sealer.
Almost anything can be stained but sealed natural stone will resist most common stains. Solid Surface, Quartz, Porcelain, and Sintered surfaces are incredibly difficult to be stained due to their composition. There are professional products and poultices on the market to alleviate stains. We can help.
Although the performance characteristics of countertop surfaces vary from material to material, virtually all manufacturers recommend against cutting directly on the surface. If you want to purchase a matching cutting board for your kitchen, please ask us and we can get you pricing.
We recommend never putting items from your oven, stove top, or grill directly on the stone surface without a trivet or hot pad. Once items have cooled, placing them directly on the stone countertop would be acceptable. In some cases, not using a trivet or hot pad could void the material warranty provided by the manufacturer. For quartz, it is recommended to use a trivet and direct heat is not advisable due to the composition of this material.