Choosing The Right Outdoor Countertops

Making the Most of Your Backyard with These Outdoor Countertops

Whether you’re hanging out with your immediate family or having friends over to grill out, there’s nothing better than spending time in the backyard.

Well, there’s one thing that might be better—having an awesome outdoor countertop to tie your space together. When it comes to outdoor countertops, True Blue has got you covered.

While we love using engineered quartz for indoor countertops, it should be avoided outside.

This is because resins are included in its composition, and resins don’t react well to direct sunlight.

Let’s explore our favorite materials to use for outdoor countertops.


If you thought people loved granite for their indoor kitchens, just wait until you hear the rave reviews about outdoor granite countertops. Since granite is known for its durability, it’s the perfect choice for a backyard lounge area—it has no problem at all with rain, wind, snow, or any other weather events . . . as long as it stays sealed.

Unlike quartz, granite doesn’t mind direct sunlight. It won’t fade! But keep in mind that dark slabs of granite are likely to soak up the sun’s rays, which can make them pretty hot on a summer day.

If you’re looking for variety, granite is a great choice. This stone comes in so many colors and patterns that there’s bound to be something that suits your taste. Moreover, granite is well known for its unique designs, so it’s perfect for those who want something that stands out from the rest.


Quartzite is a stone with a tough reputation. But it’s got more to offer than brawn—it’s got beauty too. While it might be durable like granite, it’s as beautiful as marble. As long as you keep it sealed, it takes no issue with elements like rain or snow. A coat of sealant makes sure it doesn’t welcome germs or bacteria, either, and you can prepare food on a surface that you know for a fact is clean.

This type of countertop doesn’t require much maintenance, and all it takes to clean is soap and water. For any modern and classy backyard, quartzite would be the perfect addition. It’s heat resistant, chemical resistant, and stain resistant, and it’s just waiting to help your backyard shine.

Outdoor Countertops
Imagine if your backyard came together to create the lounge space you’ve always dreamed of, complete with an awesome countertop.



Marble is an especially unique stone that people like to use for their outdoor lounge areas. It needs to be sealed, as quartzite and granite do, but it also has the potential to age naturally (and beautifully).

People love marble’s rustic aesthetic as it gets older, especially when it’s placed outside. Thanks to rain and other weather elements, etch marks appear in the stone and give it a weathered charm that lets people know that your marble is completely unique and aging gracefully.

If you want your marble to be a little tougher when you install it outdoors, choose a honed finish over a polished one. Whichever finish you choose, just make sure to keep your marble sealed. If it’s not sealed, it will degrade much faster.

When you’re hosting backyard parties, be especially careful with red wine, orange juice, and other acidic substances. Such things can harm marble’s surface and cause permanent damage. If you do spill, make sure to clean it up right away!


Unlike quartz, porcelain is an engineer stone that can be installed outdoors. It doesn’t take any issue with direct sunlight, and it doesn’t need to be sealed either. It comes in a large variety of colorations and bold patterns, which makes it an exciting choice to use for your outdoor kitchen.

Porcelain is easy to clean, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and an all-around long-lasting stone. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require much maintenance, porcelain is perfect for you.

Beautifying Your Backyard

Choosing your outdoor countertop is just as important as choosing what you use indoors. To get more advice on which materials are best for your backyard lounge area, get in touch with True Blue Surfaces today.