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What Are the Different Colors of Granite?

Color is determined by the specific minerals of the stone. The colors range from a very soft, mottled gray, to a redder brown. Fine-grained stones are more likely to be red, whereas coarse-grained stones may be a brown-gray color. Stone is usually worked by using a blowtorch to remove the exterior layers of the stone. Red tumbled marble is typically one of the most expensive stone species. There are many colors, shades, and textures.

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Natural Stone

Granite Countertops in Central Texas

When you’re looking for new granite countertops for your bathroom or kitchen, it’s important to trust local experts who can help you with the entire process — including the design, fabrication, and installation of your granite. True Blue Surfaces has been a leading provider of custom-fabricated granite countertops in Austin, Texas since 2007.
Austin homeowners and builders have trusted us to design custom spaces, find the right slabs, and fabricate and install their brand new granite countertops. Plus, we offer hundreds of color selections from top brands, giving you everything you need to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living area.
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Our huge selection of quartz, natural stone, porcelain and ultra-compact surfaces offers an abundance of options to meet your project’s design needs. We are certified to fabricate specialty materials including Dekton, Geoluxe, Neolith and many quartz brands. We carry many of the best brands including Caesarstone, Cambria, Color Quartz, Dekton, Geoluxe, Metro-Quartz, Neolith, One-Quartz, GlassRecycled, Silestone, and Vicostone, as well as a wide range of other natural materials.

Benefits of granite countertops

While granite countertops offer an upscale but modern look, there are several other reasons why granite is the leading choice for the majority of homeowners and builders. Granite countertops certainly have their pros and cons. But here are a few reasons why granite might be the best choice for your kitchen or bathroom surface:
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Ceramic versus Granite

Granite is the material of choice for the majority of countertops, but there are some outstanding options with ceramic. Ceramic offers the ability to color match your countertop to your existing wall color. However, granite is typically much stronger and has a higher gloss compared to ceramic.

How to Care for Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are widely known for their long-lasting durability and resistance to stains. But taking proper care of your granite is key to maintaining its look and durability.
Here are a few tips to properly care for your granite countertops and keep them looking great:

Choosing the Best Granite Fabricator and Installer

Your granite countertop can and should be professionally cut by a granite fabricator before they’re delivered to the job site. Then you will want to have them installed by a highly experienced and professional countertop installation company in Austin. It’s important to note that there are various concrete cutting and drilling companies, but they may not be experts in cutting granite or other materials.
The experts at True Blue Surfaces are able to:
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